विभागीय शोध सुविधाएं / Departmental Research Facilities

Welcome to the Departmental Research Facilities (DRF) web page. Most of the research equipment and departmental facilities are open to researchers or engineers from other institutes or industries as per the availability. The interested person may contact the student coordinator of the respective instrument regarding the availability of that equipment for the intended test/application. The equipment details, the contact information of the student coordinator, and the procedure to be followed can be found below.

Contact Details:

Staff Coordinator: Mr. Hemant Kumar

Email ID: me.drf@iitrpr.ac.in

Faculty In-charge: Dr. Samir Chandra Roy

Equipment Details:

  1. Rheometer

  2. Thermal conductivity (fluids)

  3. Pyranometer

  4. Sonicator

  5. Thermal Imager

  6. Pyrheliometer

  7. DAQ

  8. 2axis-tracker for pyrheliometer

  9. Accelerated weathering tester

  10. SHPB-1

  11. Mini UTM

  12. Physical vapour deposition

  13. DMA

  14. Contact angle

  15. Zwick/Roell UTM

  16. Thermal Cycling Furnace

  17. Cold Spray

  18. Thermal Conductivity (Solids)

  19. Visualization Wind Tunnel “EdWin”

  20. Digital Charpy-Izod Impact tester for metals

  21. Digital Charpy-Izod Impact tester for plastics

  22. Universal testing machine H50kn

  23. Hybrid DT110i (Multiprocess Micromachining Center)

  24. 100 kN LCF testing machine

  25. Muffle Furnace (>1000 deg C)

  26. OSCAR Ultrasonic Processor

  27. Multi-Cylinder Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Testing

  28. Two-Stroke EFI Engine Test Rig

  29. Single-Cylinder VCR engine Test Rig

  30. Multi-Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Testing

  31. Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig

  32. Semi Continuous OC EC Analyzer

  33. FTIR Based Exhaust Gas Emission Analyzer, Model: SESAM i60 FT

  34. Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer

  35. AVL CDS 450 Emission Analyser

  36. Automatic Bomb Calorimeter

  37. Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (Olympus)

  38. Metallographic Sample Cutting (Highspeed: Metacut DCM Dual)

  39. Sample Mounting Machine

  40. Metallographic Sample Cutting (Low speed: Metacut DCM)

  41. Surface Roughness Tester

  42. Microvickers hardness tester

  43. Gamry Electrochemical cell

  44. Ball mill

Other Equipments:

  1. Autoclave

  2. Dynamic Testing Machine

  3. Micro Computed Tomography (micro-CT)

  4. SHPB-2

  5. Stir Casting Magnesium Melting Furnace

  6. Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal conductive instrument (LFA 500)

  7. Eye-tracking equipment

  8. Cooling tower (induced & forced draft)

  9. 10 kW downdraft biomass gasifier

  10. Vacuum pump

  11. Solar Pond

  12. Syngas analyzer

  13. Machinery Fault Simulator

  14. Vibration Trainer

  15. Whirling of shaft

  16. Electrodynamic Shaker

  17. Sound level meter

  18. Servopulser Dynamic Systems

  19. Active vibration control system

Information for User:

Student Coordinators
Account Details.pdf
DRF user form (III).pdf

Accessible through IIT Ropar Email ID only:

Equipment information (for DRF website).docx
Cost calculation sheet.xlsx