Visualization Wind Tunnel “EdWin”


Technical specifications (in brief): It is mobile, closed-loop type wind tunnel. The fan at full power rotates at around 2800rpm which results in a 1P frequency of ~47Hz. At flow speed of 10.5m/s, it produces noise levels upto 72dBA. The FlowVis functionalities require distilled water. The water basin fits a maximum of ~19Liters of water. The water consumption is 400ml/h. The maximum free stream velocity is 11m/s (14m/s with high- speed inserts). Maximum power usage is 300W. A few of the major components of the equipment are variable speed axial fan, ultrasonic humidifier and water reservoir, flow straightener and turbulence screen, heat grid assembly, 3-component balance for lift, drag and momentum measurement, test airfoils (200mm span and 140mm chord) and a control panel for manual regulation of fan speed, heating, light, and angle of attack.

Application of the equipment:

Study of aerodynamics by visualizing complex airflow around various shapes (such as airfoil, sporting equipment, etc.) with water vapor and light.

Limitations of the equipment/machine:

(a) The optimum settings of heat, speed and throttle valve depends on ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure). These have to be tuned in for changing environments.

(b) After some minutes of operation with vapor and closed window, water might condensate on the inner side of the window. To avoid this, best method is to apply anti-fog spray. The spray gives the window a smeary look. However, the window must not be cleaned.

(c) For correct wind speed measurement, the presence of high-speed inserts must be toggled in the software settings.

Consumables/sample preparation of the machine:

(a) For Flow visualization testing, ~19litres of distilled water is required.

(b) Test objects for flow visualization.

(c) Torch wrench and a 5.5mm hex wrench socket for tightening of the wing (or other shape) to be tested (1 Nm to a maximum of 2 Nm torque is required).

Visualization Wind Tunnel.pdf