शोध प्रयोगशालाएं / Research Laboratories

The research work at IIT Ropar Department of Mechanical Engineering is contributing strongly to medical discoveries, sustainable fuels and energy resources, intelligent automation, micro- and nanosciences, and advanced manufacturing processes. Below you will see many creative ways our faculty, alumni, and students are bringing out their talent, passion, and interests in exploration of manufacturing and maintenance art, in designing next generation equipment, engines, fuels, robotic mechanisms, bio-inspired engineering, and many more. Regular interaction with industry through collaborative projects, course requirements and general discussions on advancements in technological aspects develop an environment closer to the practical essence of engineering. Regular activities are arranged and encouraged in the department for indigenous product development, skills enhancement, and interdisciplinary interactions.

Design research explores the exercise of designing products, processes, and their services. Design research is targeted at developing new skills and knowledge to improve the sustainability of products and processes. Design research investigates the process of designing products, processes, and services. Design research aims to develop new design knowledge, skills, and their methods of application. It is thus related to design methods in general, concerned with undertaking research on the design process. Design researchers develop design methods and tools for designers to increase their productivity and to help them design better products. Thus to develop new and innovative products, research in design is very important. The development of methodologies, tools, and techniques for better, robust, and inclusive design is a must to achieve success in New Product Development (NPD). Thus there is a need to initiate research in the area of design research (DR).

Lab Incharge: Dr. Prabir Sarkar

Location: Room 307, Satish Dhawan Block

BNMC is dedicated in the area of Bio and Nano materials engineering with a focus on the combined experimental characterization as well as computational analysis of mechanical properties, stress/strain, and microstructure of engineering and biological materials and their applications in advancing manufacturing and materials processing technologies, engineering design analyses, and biomedical sciences and engineering.

Micro Universal Testing Machine

Electro-Dynamic Shaker

Bone sliding Microtome for bone histomorphometry


Machinery Fault Simulator

Materials and Processes Simulations (MAPS) Software


Lab Incharge: Dr. Navin Kumar

Location: Room 303, Satish Dhawan Block

The unique combination of properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) makes them suitable for a number of high-end technological applications. Here in MAdMatLab (Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory), we are harnessing their properties in advanced composites for aerospace applications, CNT-based sensors, targeted drug delivery, and CNT enabled superhydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces.

Carbon Vapor Deposition

Freeze Dryer & Probe Sonicator

Location: Room 108, Satish Dhawan Block

Mini-Milling and Mini-Lathe

Hyper-15 micro EDM

Hyper-15 micro EDM

Location: Room 201, Satish Dhawan Block

Lab Website

Robotic arm, actuators and Humanoid robot

Rehabilitation Exoskeleton

Lab Incharge: Dr. Ekta Singla

Location: Room 203, Satish Dhawan Block

The multi dimensional analytical solution to solve complex material problem is our focus. In my research group, MUltifunctional- Materials Structures and Equipment Lab, at IIT Ropar, we work in coordination to solve the very problem of Mechanical, Robotics and Aerospace with our tools such as Variational Asymptotic Method (VAM) to get the asymptotic correct analytical solution. We are in constant phase of learning and exploring new dimension of science and technology towards a better future tomorrow.

Lab Incharge: Dr. Srikant S. Padhee

Location: Room 206, Satish Dhawan Block

At RMML, the research emphasis is on identifying connections among microstructure, deformation mechanisms, and mechanical properties of materials using both experiments and multiscale simulation techniques. Research work at RMML is primarily divided into two areas as of now, the first one dealing with experimental and computational studies of metallic materials under the aggressive environment with the primary focus of hydrogen-based degradation of metals and the second one dealing with experimental and computational studies of polymeric materials.

Fatigue Testing Machine

Lab Incharge: Dr. Dhiraj K. Mahajan

Location: Room 107, Satish Dhawan Block

Cold Spray setup

Thermal Cycling Furnace

Thermal conductivity Rig

Lab Incharge: Dr. Harpreet Singh

Location: Room 101, Satish Dhawan Block

Lab Website

In our research lab, we are investigating the role of thermal physics (heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics) in various applications, such as the development of nanotechnology-based clean and sustainable energy sources (solar energy), biological systems, water purification (membrane distillation, and humidification-dehumidification), energy storage.

Optical Power Meter



Thermal Imaging Camera


Lab Incharge: Dr. Himanshu Tyagi

Location: Room 305, Satish Dhawan Block

The research in the Material Behavior Research Laboratory (MBRL) is focused primarily on the fundamental understanding of material deformation and damage behavior under different static and dynamic loading conditions like tension, compression, fatigue, creep, cavitation impact etc. at room and high temperature. The main objective is to understand the correlation between material’s internal changes and bulk mechanical response through different experimental techniques, and then validation by numerical simulations.

High Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Testing System

Cavitation erosion test setup

High temperature furnace

Lab Incharge: Dr. S. C. Roy

Location: Room 102, Satish Dhawan Block

Lab Website

Other Research Laboratories

  • पदार्थ प्रक्रमण अनुसंधान प्रयोगशाला

Material Processing Research Laboratory

Room 103, Incharge: Dr. Ravi Kant

  • ऊष्मीय एवं ऊर्जा रुपांतरण प्रयोगशाला

Thermal and Energy Conversion Laboratory

Room 104, Incharge: Dr. Ranjan Das

  • संगणकीय यांत्रिकी अनुसंधान प्रयोगशाला

Computational Mechanics Research Lab (CMRL)

Room 207, Incharge: Dr. Sachin Kumar

  • जैवयांत्रिक सृजन एवं नवप्रवर्तन प्रयोगशाला

Biomechanical Creativity and Innovation Laboratory

Room 208, Incharge: Dr. Jitendra Prasad

  • हीट ट्रांसफर रिसर्च लैब

Heat Transfer Research Lab

Room 214, Incharge: Dr. Sarit K. Das

  • तरल यांत्रिकी प्रयोगशाला

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Room 301, Incharge: Dr. Devranjan Samanta

  • उन्नत विनिर्माण प्रौद्योगिकी प्रयोगशाला

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (AMTL)

Room 302, Incharge: Dr. Anupam Agrawal

  • संधारणीय अभिकल्प एवं विनिर्माण प्रयोगशाला

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Laboratory

Room 306, Incharge: Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal

  • ऊष्मातरल शोध प्रयोगशाला

Thermofluidics Research Laboratory

Room 308, Incharge: Dr. Chander Shekhar Sharma

  • न्यूनतम क्षति चिकित्साएं प्रयोगशाला

Minimally Invasive Therapies (MInT) Laboratory

Room 311, Incharge Dr. Ramjee Repaka

  • गतिकी प्रयोगशाला

Dynamics Laboratory

Room 404, Incharge: Dr. Satwinder Jit Singh