Cold Spray (PCS-100)


Technical specifications (in brief):

  • Cold spray- Solid-state powder deposition technique

  • Gas unit capacity- 512 cubic meter

  • Powder feeder capacity-0.5 liter, Plasma Giken Gun (Japan)

  • Convergent-divergent nozzle, Kuka robot- 6 degree of freedom (Germany)

Application of the equipment/machine:

  • Coatings of metallic materials and their alloys

  • Repair of worn-out parts

Limitations of the equipment/machine:

  • Operating range; Gas pressure- up to 50 bar,

  • Gas temperature – up to 1000 0 C

  • Particle size range- 10 to 100 micron

Consumables/sample preparation of the machine:

  • Consumables- Nitrogen gas, Acetone

  • Sample preparation- Depends on applications