100 kN LCF testing machine


Technical specifications (in brief):

Make and Model: BISS, UTM-100 kN

Maximum load capacity: 100 kN

Maximum temperature: 1000 °C

R-ratio: +1 to -1

Dwell periods: 30 seconds to 48 hours

Maximum frequency: 2 Hz

Application of the equipment/machine

The system shall be capable of doing uniaxial tension, uniaxial compression, low cycle fatigue, creep-fatigue interaction, stress relaxation tests on Stainless Steel, Ferritic/Martensitic steels, Superalloys etc. as per the ASTM standards available.

Limitations of the equipment/machine

1. The machine is not capable to resume a test in case of a sudden power interruption.

2. Fracture toughness, Fatigue crack growth rate and Themo-mechanical fatigue tests can not be performed on the machine.

3. LCF test can not be done on flat specimen, only threaded specimen is required.

Consumables/sample preparation of the machine

LCF specimens must be prepared as per the drawing to be provided on request. Threaded shoulder for round specimen should be of either M8, M10, M16, or M20 types. For high temperature tests, user has to bring LOCTITE (LB 771) Nickel Anti-Seize, if more than two tests need to be performed.