Contact angle Instrument


First Ten Angstroms contact angle setup (Virginia, USA) is used to characterize the wetting behavior of different surfaces. Contact angles, surface energy, and surface tension allow you to put numbers on what have been qualitative and rule-of-thumb descriptions. Numbers allow you to say "how good" and "how much to spare" in describing surface cleanliness, the effect of surface treatments, and the properties of coatings.

If you're interested in testing or modifying a surface, you're interested in contact angles.

Test sample considerations

1. Sample should be flat.

2. Powder samples and coatings must be applied on a glass slide.

3. The user is required to make arrangements for consumables such as de-ionized or

distilled water.

4. The user has to bring a 1 ml insulin syringe with a removable needle.

Note: Please bring a compact disc (CD) to take data. USB pen drives are not allowed.

Limitations of the equipment

1. Sample height should be less than 50 mm.

2. The system can measure contact angle for flat samples only. Otherwise contact angle

can be extracted by image processing.

3. Surface tension of a liquid is measured only for pendant drop and not for sessile drop.