Hybrid DT110i (Multiprocess Micromachining Center)


DT-110 is a high precision, integrated multi-process machine tool for micro machining. With its patented technology, multiple micro-machining processes can be integrated into a single machine. A workpiece which requires multiple machining processes has to be fabricated using different machines. This unique integrated multi-process feature has also opened up new area of possibilities in the domain of micro-EDM. Electrodes can now be fabricated on the same machine and used to fabricate features on a work piece. With this on-the-machine electrode-making feature, the inaccuracies due to clamping of electrodes and damage during transfer can be minimized, thereby greatly increasing Accuracy. This machine is also able to achieve high accuracy with its on-machine measurement device. This optional feature allows the controller to compensate for tool wear, thereby resulting in higher accuracy. Until recently, micro-machining processes have been limited to the machining of simple precision features (holes and slots) for applications such as fuel-injector nozzles, audio-visual components and optical connectors. However, with technology moving rapidly towards the development of micro devices in the millimeter to sub-millimeter range, demand for more complex miniaturized and high-precision parts that combine the benefits of high definition and high density is accelerating.

Various machining processes that have been integrated on DT-110 are:

  1. Micro – Turning

  2. Micro – Milling

  3. Micro – Drilling

  4. Micro – EDM

  5. Micro wire – EDG

  6. Micro wire – EDM

  7. LASER Micromachining

Limitations of the equipment

  1. It requires controlled constant temperature between 16-20oC.

  2. Handle upto 1mm thickness workpiece in case of LASER micromachining.

  3. Due to its precision and higher accuracy, detailed drawing with proper CAD file is required prior to do experiments.

  4. Students should have to be very attentive while operating machine.

  5. Required very neat and clean environment (dust free zone).

  6. Required careful attention while fixing the workpiece and tool electrode.

  7. Required full time presence upto the completion of job/work.

Test sample considerations

  1. It can handle only conductive material in case of micro EDM and its variants.

  2. For micro milling and turning any solid material is ok.

  3. The diameter of the workpiece is limited to 5mm for micro turning.

  4. Maximum spindle RPM available upto 3000.

  5. Limited to 1mm thickness( workpiece) for LASER micromachining.

  6. Sample size should not be more than 100mm X 50mm X 50mm.