Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal conductive instrument (LFA 500)

Technical specifications (in brief):

  • Flash method to measure thermal diffusivity and specific heat of the material

  • Furnace temperature range up to 500 °C

  • Measuring range of alpha 0.01 up to 2000 mm²/s

  • Measurement range of thermal conductivity unto 0.1 to 4000 W/ (m∙K)

  • Reputability of thermal diffusivity measurement up to ±1.9% (for most materials) and accuracy of measurement of thermal diffusivity is up to ±2.4% (for most materials)

  • The pulse length can be adjusted by the software

Application of the equipment/machine:

It is used to measure the thermal diffusivity and specific heat of solids at various temperatures. Analysis of 2- or 3-layers systems can be done using this equipment. The measurement will be done in a vacuum environment.

Limitations of the equipment/machine:

The instrument cannot be used for measuring the thermal conductivity of the liquid.

Consumables/sample preparation of the machine:

Sample needs to be cut either in square shape of size 10mm *10mm or circular size of 10mm diameter to fit into the sample holder. Graphite paste for coating on the sample.